Our customer’s reviews on yelp:

“Disclaimer: my wife has also written a Yelp review for the same event.  That being said, Wild Tastes Catering did such a fantastic job with our wedding that I have to write a review!  Chef Cecilia is awesome!  She is so friendly and really easy to work with.  The day before the wedding our mothers (of the bride and of the groom) were at the venue arranging flowers, and Cecilia made them lunch.  Nuff said.  Cecilia was more than willing to accommodate everyone involved in our wedding, lending her kitchen and fridge space for the cake and for flowers.  It was a pleasure to work with her.

So how was the food?  Short version, excellent!  Long version, my wife is vegetarian and wanted to have an all vegetarian wedding.  We were really concerned that our guests would not find anything they liked to eat.  Well, Wild Tastes Catering delivered!  We got compliments on the food throughout the wedding, and both my wife and I personally loved the food.

What about the service on the day of?  Again, excellent.  We got the venue pretty late (it was booked in the morning) so the window to set up was kind of short.  But they had all the tablecloths on and the silverware set well before the event started.  Everything went super smoothly – we had a buffet lunch, and they kept the line moving so everyone could get food as quickly as possible, while waiters went table to table with plates of appetizers.  We had supplied our own beer and wine, and Wild Tastes Catering had someone staff the bar for us.  Again, everything just worked like a well oiled machine.

In short, I was really nervous about many things during the day, but not one of them was about the catering.  They did a fantastic job!”
Alan C., Menlo Park, California

“We are so glad we hired Wild Tastes Catering for our wedding yesterday!  Their food was delicious, their service was friendly and professional, and Cecilia herself was a joy to work with.  Because I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons, we gave them the challenge of an all-vegetarian reception for an almost all meat-eating guest list, and they really rose to it.  We got so many compliments from our guests about the food!  We looked at several caterers during our research and most were insanely expensive, so that left us with Wild Tastes Catering and another caterer as the ones that could match our budget (our goal was about $6000 for 100 guests).  After going to the tasting for the other caterer and being quite disappointed, we were losing hope of finding someone who could do good vegetarian food, but Wild Tastes Catering went over and beyond our expectations.  Our buffet menu was:

– spanakopita
– three kinds of bruschetta (some unique flavors in there that I think Cecilia may have invented)
– mixed salad
– roasted vegetables
– butternut squash lasagna (creamy and cheesy and awesome)
– malai kofta (very tasty and authentic)
– basmati rice

To top it off, Cecilia also let us store drinks and flowers in her fridge earlier in the week.  She even let our moms arrange flowers in her kitchen the day before the wedding, which was a huge help since the venue was right next door and it saved us a lot of headache transporting them.  Thank you Wild Tastes Catering !”
Clare K., Sunnyvale, California

“My cousin hired Wild Tastes Catering for her wedding and WOW!  The food fantastic and hot when served. I have been to other wedding with outside catering and I have yet to have a hot dinner. The food was out on time, hot and delicious.  And not only was the food amazing, but the bar tenders held their own as well. No one was waiting for their drink. They were fun, friendly, and professional!”
Jennifer B., San Jose, California

“Great experience! The bartenders were especially outstanding! The service and drinks were great!!! They were very willing to make whatever drink request I had! I’d refer Wild Tastes Catering and their bartenders for anyone looking for friendly, efficient, professional, and affordable service.”
Amanda I, Morgan Hill, California

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